Great combo of talent! Anyone notice SPF ratings on suntan lotion labels? ”

The SugarPunk Fairies

a dynamic group of fair fairy friends who wear boots and exhibit eclectic taste.

In May 2018, four professional female rock musicians united to form what one would call a "just for fun" prospect. After a handful of initial practices learning cover songs, the newly formed SugarPunk Fairy clan was honored to play their very first show away from home, at Punk Rock Night in Indianapolis. There, the band was incredibly well received, and has since continued to light up the local Metro Detroit and Flint scenes. Realizing they have something special and knowing the momentum has to be kept, SPF is quickly moving from a band who makes covers their own, to an original band. A well-timed influx of surrounding events sparked the SugarPunks to write and record their first original song, "Dating Down," after only a few short months of playing together. In the year 2020, SPF has released two more originals, "The Wolf" and "Sonic Inflammation (AKA "The Muff Song"). In addition, members of SPF have been told by many that their renditions of popular covers were well worth recording. To satisfy said requests, "Wild World" (originally by Cat Stevens), "How Much More" (originally by The Go Gos), and "Hazy Shade of Winter" (as performed by The Bangles) are now part of SPFs recorded repertoire. With a diverse, yet very cohesive group of band members, The SugarPunk Fairies bring a unique energy to the stage, and they cannot wait to see where this journey takes them.

Press Photos

The First Gig

The First Gig

The Second Gig

The Second Gig

The Third Gig

The Third Gig


  • Dating Down - Sugarpunk fairies 

  • The Wolf - Sugarpunk Fairies 

  • Sonic Inflammation (The Muff Song) - Sugarpunk Fairies 

  • Navy bean - tracy bonham 

  • pedestrian at best - courtney barnett 

  • ride - the vines 

  • how much more - the go gos 

  • wild world - Cat Stevens 

  • celebrity skin - hole 

  • gigantic - the pixies 

  • heart of glass - Blondie 

  • Hazy Shade of Winter - As Performed by The Bangles 

  • Take Back the Power - The Interrupters

  • 99 red balloons - goldfinger